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—103 CSIE Concert opening

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Publication List:

  •  Mu-Hsen Hsu, Kumara W. G. C. W., Timothy K. Shih, Zixue Cheng, “Spider King: Virtual Musical Instruments based on Microsoft Kinect,” the 6th IET International Conference on Ubi-media Computing (U-Media 2013),  Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan, November 2-4, 2013

Human Computer Interaction is becoming a major component in computer science related fields allowing humans to communicate with machines in very simple ways exploring new dimensions of research. Kinect, the 3D sensing device introduced by Microsoft mainly aiming computer games domain now is used in different scopes, one is being generation or controlling of sound signals producing aesthetic music. Here, in this paper, authors’ experimental efforts on three virtual music instruments: Drum, Guitar and Spider King, based on Kinect sensor are presented. All three instruments virtually set the relevant sensing input areas, as an example, strings of the guitar or cymbals of the drum, then, the player controls the instrument through those virtual inputs through the Kinect. Sound control data is then generated and fed to the audio library based on the musically oriented human computer interaction gestures, composing a real-time musical expressive performance. A live performance using the presented virtual instruments was carried out at the end.

 Index Terms—MIDI; VST instrument; OpenNI; Midi port; RtMIDI

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Keynote Speech and Plenary Talk in International Conferences

  1. Keynote Speech, “The MINE Virtual Band – Music Performance via Sensors,” The third International Conference on Visual Informatics 2013 (IVIC’13), Malaysia, November 2013


All the virtual instruments presented here, Guitar, Drum and Spider King and several other virtual instruments are presented in a live performance concert in NCU. –May,9th,2013

  • Performance at NCU

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  • MINE Studio Virtual Instrument Demonstration

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More video

  • 2012 Performance at NCU 
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