Board of Directors, Member of Steering Committee and Society Members

  1. Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), UK.
  2. IEEE Senior Member (Computer Society)
  3. ACM Senior Member
  4. SPIE Member
  5. Life Member of IICM, Taiwan
  6. Life Member of the Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering, Taiwan
  7. Member of the Strategic Planning Committee of the International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics, and the Society for Applied Systems Research, Germany, since 1996.
  8. Member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Intelligence Machinery (AIM), U.S.A., since 1998.
  9. Member of the IEEE Task Force on YUFORIC (Youth Forum in Computer Science and Engineering), since 1998.
  10. Member of the IEEE Technical Committees on Multimedia Computing, since 1999.
  11. Member of the IEEE Technical Committees on Distributed Processing, since 1999.
  12. Member of the IEEE Technical Councils on Software Engineering (TCSE) – Software Engineering as a Profession, since 1999.
  13. Member of the Governing Board, Chinese Language Computer Society (CLCS), USA, 2000 — 2003.
  14. Member of Advisory Board, the 2000 Workshop at NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA) on Metrics for Intelligence, Gaithersburg, MD, USA, August 2000.
  15. Member of Steering Committee, International Workshop on Multimedia Network Systems and Applications (MNSA), since 1999.
  16. Member of Steering Committee (2001 Chair), International Workshop on Intelligent Multimedia Computing and Networking (IMMCN), since 2000.
  17. Member of Steering Committee, International Conference on Multimedia Modeling (MMM), since 2001.
  18. Member of Steering Committee, International Conference on Web-based Learning (CWLearn), since 2001.
  19. Member of the Educational Activities Board, the IEEE Computer Society (Winter 2004 – Summer 2006).
  20. Member of the e-Learning Committee, the IEEE Computer Society (2006).
  21. Member of Advisory/Steering Committee, the 3rd International Conference on Information Technology: Research and Education, Hsinchu, Taiwan, June 27-30, 2005.
  22. Member of Advisory/Steering Committee, the AIS Special Interest Group on IS in Asia Pacific (SIG-ISAP).
  23. Executive Committee Member, the Global Chinese Society of Computers in Education (GCSCE), 2006 – 2010.
  24. Advisory Board, the Encyclopedia of Mobile Computing and Commerce (EMCC).
  25. Member of Multimedia Systems and Applications Technical Committee, IEEE CAS Society.
  26. Member of Visual Signal Processing and Communications, IEEE CAS Society.
  27. Member of International Advisory Committee, International Conference on Pattern Analysis and Intelligent Robotics (ICPAIR 2011), Putrajaya, Malaysia, June 2011.
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