Panel Discussion in International Conferences

  1. Panelists, Panel on Multimedia in Distance Learning and Virtual University, in the Sixth International Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems (DMS’99), University of Aizu, Japan, July 26 – 30, 1999.
  2. Panel Chair, Panel on E-Learning, E-Commerce and E-Entertainment, the 2000 International Conference on Chinese Language Computing (ICCLC’2000), the Hotel W, Chicago, USA, July 8 – 9, 2000.
  3. Panelist, Panel on Virtual University, in the 24th IEEE Computer Society International Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC’2000), Taipei, Taiwan, Oct. 25 – 27, 2000.
  4. Panel Chair, Panel on Distance Computer Assisted Instruction, the 2000 International Conference on Computer Assisted Instruction and Internet Computing (CAIIC’2000), Taipei, Taiwan, ROC, October 23 – 24, 2000.
  5. Panel Chair, Panel on Virtual University Software Engineering, the 2000 International Symposium on Multimedia Software Engineering (MSE’2000), Taipei, Taiwan, December 11 – 13, 2000.
  6. Panel Chair, composition technologies: which direction, International Workshop on Distributed Dynamic Multiservice Architectures (DDMA’2001), Phoenix, Arizona, April 16 – 19, 2001.
  7. Panelist, Panel on Issues in Distance Education, the 2001 International Conference on Intelligent Multimedia and Distance Education (ICCIMADE’01), Fargo, North Dakota, USA, June 1 – 3, 2001.
  8. Panelist, Panel on the Future of Electronic Commence, the First Pacific Asia Human.Society@Internet Conference, Seoul, Korea, July 4 – 6, 2001.
  9. Panelist, Panel on Macro University and Distance Learning, the 7th International Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems (DMS’2001), Taipei, Taiwan, September 26 – 28, 2001.
  10. Panelist, Panel on Chinese Language Processing, Information Retrieval, and Applications: into the 21st Century, the 2002 International Conference on Chinese Language Computing (ICCLC’2002), Taiwan, July 11 – 12, 2002.
  11. Panelist, Panel on “What Are the Social Impacts of Ubiquitous Services?” the Second International Human.Society@Internet Conference, Seoul, Korea, June 18 – 20, 2003.
  12. Panelist, Panel on “The Next Decade of Learning Technology,” Workshop on the Next Decade of Science and Technology of Learning, October 18, 2003, Taiwan.
  13. Panelist, Panel on “Web 2.0 – Are there any new research problems?” the Seventh International Conference on Web-Age Information Management, Hong Kong, China, 17-19 June, 2006.
  14. Panelist, Panel on “ITS research in Asia,” the Eighth International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS 2006), Taiwan, June 26 – 30, 2006.
  15. Panelist, the First ACM Workshop on Educational Multimedia and Multimedia Education (EMME 2007), September 28, 2007, Augsburg, Germany.
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