Video Demonstrations

V1. Timothy K. Shih, Nick C. Tang, Wei-Sung Yeh, and Ta-Jen Chen, “Video Inpainting and Implant via Diversified Temporal Continuations,” ACM Multimedia 2006, Santa Barbara, California, USA, October 23-27, 2006.

V2. Nick C. Tang, Timothy K. Shih, Hsing-Ying Zhong and Joseph C. Tsai, “Video Falsifying for Special Effect Production,” ACM Multimedia 2008, Vancouver, BC, Canada, October 27 – November 1, 2008.

V3. Nick C. Tang, Hsing-Ying Zhong, Joseph C. Tsai, Timothy K. Shih and Mark Liao, “Motion Inpainting and Extrapolation for Special Effect Production,” in ACM International Conference on Multimedia, Beijing, China, October 19 – 24, 2009.

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