Deep Learning (深度學習)

Deep learning group is devoted to research on human/object detection and gesture definition.


Interactive Multimedia & Music (互動式多媒體及音樂)

This group is closely related to the  group of Video Processing and Deep Learning, is committed to the development of traditional puppetry, the blind auxiliary system and music application technology.


Video Processing (視訊處理)

Video retargeting is one of the major topics in this group. Also, we engaged in other researchs with video effects. Image research group is devoted to research on image inpainting, defect detection and video falsifying.

-視頻畫面內容之重新調整技術為此群組中的主要主題之一。 此外,亦多年從事其他視訊特效相關之研究如: 圖像研究小組致力於二維與三維圖像修復,缺陷檢測和視頻篡改的研究。

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